Airdrop Foobee - Swipe to Earn

Airdrop Foobee | Swipe to Earn
Tokens: $ 30,000 worth Foobee Tokens
Audit: TechRate
News: DailyInvestNews, ForexUnityNews and more.
End Date: 30th August, 2021
Distribution Date: TBD

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Step-by-step guide:
Join our Telegram Group
Join our Telegram Channel
Follow our Twitter page and retweet the pinned post
Create an Foobee account 
Complete all the task 
Submit Matic wallet address

Foobee is the world’s first dating and social meetup integrated crypto ecosystem. We allow users to earn our native Foobee Tokens based on how they connect with others on the platform. 

$28500 worth of tokens will be shared among all the participants

Top 10 most points earning hunters - $1500 worth of tokens will be distributed among the TOP point-earning participants.

First with most earned points - $1000 in tokens
Second - $200 in tokens
Third - $100 in tokens 
4-10th - $200 in tokens 

We are on Matic Network 

Matic Contract Address:

You can config matic network with your metamask and other wallet provider.


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